Physical Education Teacher Jobs – Career Explained

Physical education teacher jobs are not necessarily the first position people think of when they think of teaching careers, but for many people it is the ideal way to combine a love of physical sport and a love of teaching into one job. There are many career options for physical education teacher around the country, and the economic outlook for this job is good. If you are interested in PE teaching jobs it is a good idea to get as much career information as possible before moving forward.

The degrees needed for physical education teacher jobs are pretty much the same as those for other teaching jobs. You will need a bachelor’s degree in a related field and a valid teacher certification. PE teachers often get bachelor’s degrees in physical education, athletic training or a related field, after which they must complete the teacher credentialing program. You may also use this degree to go into coaching, personal training, physical therapy or other athletic type jobs, so your career options will be open if you decide the PE teaching job isn’t right for you.

You probably want to know about the salary and job outlook for PE teaching career jobs, and the good news is that the future looks good for these teaching professionals. The current median salary for PE teachers is between $43,000 and $49,000, and there is an expected 12 percent growth in the number of available jobs over the next several years according to The Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Physical education teacher jobs involve educating children, typically in middle and high school, on the tenets of exercise, healthy living and physical fitness. If you go into this career you will be responsible for organizing athletic activities for the kids, supervising them throughout the class period and monitoring their progress. There are also physical education teacher jobs in elementary schools in many districts, so whether you prefer working with younger kids or young adults there should be a job opening for you. PE teaching jobs are an ideal choice if you love kids and are passionate about physical fitness.