Journal Review – Teaching Physical Education Considered

We all know that we have an obesity problem here the United States, and we also know that unfortunately it is happening to our youth. Most teenagers are overweight, and that’s the wrong way to set up your body for later in life. These young individuals should be not only flexing their mental muscle, but also their physical muscles.

It’s pretty important for healthy humans to exercise, and we must teach our young people the importance of physical education to make sure that they live a well-balanced life, as it does also aid in learning. If you are a teacher, there is a very good Journal I’d like to recommend if you are involved in any way in physical education. The name of the Journal is;

“The Physical Educator” this is a publication of Phi Epsilon Kappa, Indianapolis Indiana, ISSN: 0031 – 8981.

Why do I like this journal so much? Well, as a former track star and athlete, I believe physical education is just as important as science and math, and it appears to me that sports have a lot to do with physics, as you are dealing with all sorts of forces when you play sports. This is a great publication, and I’d like to give you a couple of for instances. In the fall 2010 addition volume 67, number 3 – there was a great article;

“Physical education for the severely physically challenged children,” and you can tell just by the title that the authors were very passionate about how to overcome the obstacles involved in physical education training for such a segment of a school’s population. It’s great to know that they are working on such things, because it is even more important for the physically challenged to participate in physical activity.

In fact, they may be able to overcome some of their health issues by exercising their bodies. It’s pretty important. Of course, that was only one example of the many articles in this journal each month. Indeed I’d like you to consider this journal, and all the wonderful and excellent articles which are posted in each and every issue. Please consider all this and think on it.